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Keep in mind, I haven't played the game, so I'm not defending it. It's just that the amount of criticism for the game is kinda bizarre at this point. I saw people complaining about how the ENEMY'S NAMES are generic, for example. Not to mention, the game began with metascore of 81, and then it plummeted to 75 - even reaching a yellow 74 at one point.

At worst, the game looks good, and pretty fun if you're into fps. But people are beginning to treat it like it's the beginning of Bungie's downfall and whatnot. I understand the expectation for a 90+ game after such enormous hype (though, like people have already pointed, there was the beta, and Bungie never promised anything that wasn't on the game). But a "7-8" game is not "TERRIBLE" you know...


Here's a quick comparison, Wolfenstein: The New Order had about the same scores, but people are calling it one of the fps in quite some time. Double standard...?