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Well, when I was playing the Alpha and Beta, I had fun...but it didn't seem like anything special. Well, this time, my brother (who lives with me) has a PS4 and we played a few hours last night. He had already played a bit before I got home, so he was a few levels above me, but I started the game and he joined up with me to run through the first 5 levels or so...

In short, adding another player to the mix makes all of the difference in the world! We were able to attack with some strategy...one of us would work in up close, while the other would hang back and snipe...keeping the Fallen off the other's back.

It may have made it a little TOO easy, as we were able to revive each other in the otherwise respawn limited instances and boss fights...but it was a VERY fun experience playing with someone else (at least when you know them and can work together). We haven't yet taken on any raids or played any PvP matches...saving that for tonight, maybe.

Is this game the 2nd coming of gaming? No...but it doesn't need to be. It is a very ambitious new game, and it scratches that itch I had for a good shooter. I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who likes FPS games. Definitely worth the $60-90 investment, and a must own title on PS4.