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curl-6 said:
Zekkyou said:
11 titles for September, October, November and December... There must be some others?

There are: Watch Dogs, Bayonetta 1, 90s Arcade Racer, Art of Balance, Trine: Enchanted Edition...

I was asking more in regards to just full retail titles. Digital titles are nice and all, but if i based the quality of a release schedule on those i'd be worshiping the PS4 as the console manifestation of god :p

Jut had a look on wiki and it turns out S&S2 and AFA are both digital, so take those out and add in the retail titles you listed and it has 12 (3 of which are late ports).

Are there any others?

The WiiU definitely has the best exclusive line up for the rest of the year, but i hadn't realize how poor its line up was overall... I've been criticizing the PS4 and X1's holiday lineups for a while (though they're decent for year 1), and i think they have somewhere between 20 and 30 :/ It's depressing to see the WiiU's like this in its 2nd year...