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Clyde32 said:
Pristine20 said:
Clyde32 said:

When has this ever been about graphics?

It's a "realistic simulator". Graphics are part of what makes it good and what wowed people in the first place. The same way people use internet polls to judge the Wii U's demand, you can go and watch videos for the game and easily see that the number one reason people are excited for it is the realistic graphics. Why do you think they're supporting 4k monitors on PCs? If that's a very important feature of a game, the wii U version becomes the worst one by default.

I'm talking about the wii u version though. The Wii U version was built for its gameplay.

Several people touted the wii u version as some sort of third party savior, as though it would prove the wii u could stand on level ground with the ps4 and xb1, or at least much closer than people expected.