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Blood_Tears said:
Danman27 said:



Oh I understand it. It's just you don't understand numbers. They dropped the kinect so they could drop the price. It's a price drop. I get the fact that you don't want to admit it. But who cares?  I and most likely quite a few others here consider it a price drop. I can't make it anymore clearer then that. If you don't see it...then whatever, no matter. Enjoy your $80,000 restaurant  and good day.

Well, I guess consumers don't see it as a price drop, considering that sales were barely effected. You're now buying one thing instead of two. That's the difference. I'm running out of ways to illistrate how this isn't a price drop though. 

Barely affected?  It nearly doubled in weekly sales which is great for June and going into the summer. Not to mention with all the retailer discounts MS had on over the last few months people who were planning to buy in June likely bought earlier with TF bundle discounts. It's been one week so I wouldn't write off the price drop just yet.

I like how you put the price drop in bold. As if yelling it will make it true. But anyways, back you your other point, I'm talking about previous weeks. As an average, the sales barely changed. The week before last was awful compared to what the xbox one usually gets. Overall, this week was a pretty average week for the xbox one. The price of the box itself is not lower. There is just a lower price sku. Maybe I should put it this way. They deal you're getting with the undbundled xbox one is no better of a deal than it was when it was $500. I feel like that's a decent middle ground we can agree on.