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deskpro2k3 said:

1. They keep making mediocre games.

2. I played Mario games since I was 8 years old.  Fast forward 20 years later,  they're still making Mario games. Princess Peach.. that bitch keep getting kidnapped.

Also when I say Mario games, that includes games with Mario in it.

3. Yes, they continue to copy their own mediocre games after copies after copies, so many copies.  Pokemon red, blue, ruby, yellow, gold, silver, X, Y, Crystal, green, pearl, emerald, black and white, Black and White 2..(there is more) from 1996 to present. I was happy with just 150 Pokemon.

4. The series of Supersmash Bro is mediocre just like Mario Kart. The Motor Bike chase in FFVII is better, Power Stone, Chocobo Racing, Marval Vs Capcom, Capcom Vs SNK, Crash team racing is all better.

5. Zilda, Pokemon, and Mario is over rated. They need to retire already.

6. Let me tell you what Nintendo cares about. They care about their own IPs. They make their system for their IPs. They don't really care about anything else because they know pokemon, zilda, and mario is all they need.

7. When I look at Mario games, kart, smash, pokemon etc. I see nothing new.

8. If Nintendo is going to make a new RPG game, then I hope they leave Mario out of it. Anything with Mario or Zilda is a turn off.

I don't hate Nintendo, I just don't like all the coping, and over rated games they keep printing. Those games show me nothing that compels me to buy it. Its like once I've played one, I've played them all, just like the CoD franchise, and I'm done with that series too.

What Nintendo needs to do is make more new fresh games like Xenoblade Chronicles X. Now this game.. This is a game I want.


I stopped reading after "Zilda"   shows how much time you actually spent with Nintendo to understand the company or its games xD

btw I see nothing new when I look at all the grey brown unpolished mess everyone else makes so  I guess its just different taste. Some people drink coke (mainstream product) others drink champagne. (luxury product)