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It's unwise to read too much into VGC's weekly charts until they have been corroborated by the NPD figures.

The Xbox One had the Kinect unbundled to give it price parity with the PS4. This wasn't an outright price cut, I think we might see that over the holiday period if things don't pick up.

On a week to week basis, the Xbox One was the only console to trend upwards.

64,525 (Up 70.13% from 37,927) - Xbox One
99,162 (Down 9.63% from 109,724) - PS4
68,499 (Down 25.27% from 91,647) - Wii U

If the figures do turn out to be correct then I think Microsoft dropped the ball a little by not hammering home the lower sticker price at E3.  It would be a shame really because I quite admired showing 90 minutes of back to back games.


Top 5 Most Anticipated Games:

- Quantum Break
- Cyberpunk 2077
- Destiny
- The Division
- Final Fantasy XV