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Dr.Henry_Killinger said:
vivster said:
You do know that Wii U would need to sell consoles to do this, do you?

OT is possible, but unlikely. Need to see price drop performance to be sure.

the wiiu just released its biggest system seller. what else is gonna move consoles for nintendo? then vgchartz is clearly over tracking the wiiu in europe, they just over tracked the wiiu by 60k in one week and untracked the 360 by 1.4 million in 1 year, lets go by offical shipped numbers X1 is at 5 million the wiiu is at 6.17, thats all we know right now, and the console was 500$ and the wiiu had a one year head start, now it got a 100$ price drop it will out ship the wiiu be the end of this year if not sooner.