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NoIdea said: Are you kidding?
About what? About the 200k? I cited it several times in this thread... it was based off of NPD numbers and avg sold per week in the US. The average was 250k, but I took it down because the 25th isn't a shopping day. In the end, I was right... yet again. I was citing 4.9 million + 200k for the final week, which = 5.1 million in the US. NPD confirmed that the other day. If you have a problem with those figures, take it up with the NPD! As I pointed out above, none of these figures are *mine*. Most of you are arguing with yourselves, NPD, or vgcharts. I'm just enjoying the show! To recap... here's what we know: 5.1 million in US sales (source: NPD) 510K for Canada/Mexico stats (source: everybody here cites 10% as the number for this figure, except me... of course, but I'll go with *yours* for now) Total for NA = 5.61 at the end of 2006 vgcharts total = 5.26 (although it was lower when we started this debate) So, I go back to my original statement... the 360 numbers do not add up. If you don't like it, complain to NPD, to yourselves (for coming up with the 10% number), or vgcharts (for being wrong). Do not kill the messenger!