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TheDrill said:
Aura7541 said:

And once again, you glance over other people's posts who already have debunked your so-called arguments, like this one: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=6374595

Debunked my arguments? By trying to somehow twist into saying that 45 % is not  close to 55 % ?

This is amusing, because it's clear that X1 is very close to PS4 in USA, and it's by far a single-sided domination as you point it or like to point it to be.


do you ever wonder why even the more die hard xb1 fans on the site dont even come to your defense?    You have been debunked by dozens, and you just choose to not reply to them after they proved you to be not just wrong, but completely out to lunch.   chances are you wont even reply to this.

the xb1 needs to double its average weekly sales in order to just stop the bleeding.   until then, the gap is 600k units and growing.   You cant jsut look at total percentages because the launches for both skew things(plus percentages are scaler, as others have pointed out.).   you dont get to launch twice. 

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