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Skidonti said:

I fear becoming too science centric in education. I feel that devalues all things not "science". You know, the opinion "all bright students should study science foremost and not philosophy or other lower crap". I think that's off base and dismissive if that's really what people believe.

What is science without philosophy and ethics? Philosophy isn't some arbitrary set of rules like religion. Where does that mildly idiotic comparison even come from? Philosophy is a highly reasoned and logical approach to behavior and creating a system of values for oneself and for society in its government; it is key to having an examined life. If someone thinks science can have much value without some philosophy then I believe they are overstepping the definition of science.

Science is just a type of imperical method of investigation. Another part of a well examined life. I wouldn't call it a replacement for philosophy in any way. 

Sure they are.

They're completely arbitrary created based on the thinking of the person who comes up with their own rules.   Only given importance by the original who believes it.

In anyones personal ethics you can find a huge mound of contradictions, and random arbitrary nonsense.