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fatslob-:O said:
Dr.Henry_Killinger said:

Oh I know it won't succeed. But Steam Boxes are Steam's chance to break into the console industry, so when Consoles are eventually assimilated into PCs they will have a huge advantage, even against MS.

Problem is because the manufacturers are selling custom PC, a market that already exists, rather than steam consoles, its fails to reach both audiences. Not to mention those manufacturers couldn't sell the steam boxes at a loss because they aren't profitting from Steam's software sales.

Thus it has/had potential, but the execution is the major issue with it.


How is execution the issue when it was just a bad idea from the gecko ?

Even if steamOS had everything except for directx it would still fail miserably because it offers no differentiation between the PC and the console market. As blurred as the line is between console and PC they atleast have a factor that differentiates them such as easier accessiblity as well as having some high quality exclusive software. PC's have benefit of being able to do many things not related to gaming. Steam machine on the other hand will have almost nothing to differentiate it because Valve can't afford to support a huge platform as large as this. Valve has also failed to control the price that OEM's are charging which will mean that it will get a bad reputation as an overpriced console like the PS3 initially was. The controller is shit too as well.

Why didn't they realize all this ? 

The plan was bad all along and I just can't see it having any sort of potential.

The PS3 was not overpriced, in fact it was even the cheapest blu-ray player out there. Don't talk BS, tank you =)