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Do nintendo have 10 series worth mentioning? I aint trying to be nasty about them but i dont think i could mention 10. I might shock myself. I am assuming 2d and 3d mario are separated?

1. Zelda
2. Mario 2D
3. Donkey Kong
6. Yoshi (I played yoshis island on the snes and assume the others that are made are as good as that. Would be higher but its just guessing on my part)

7. Lugis mansion (Played GC one the 3DS game looks even better)
8. Mario Kart
9. Mario 3D

10. _I will put F-Zero here just to round off the list

Those are the ones i like. But to be honest i dont think any other publisher has that many franchises that i do like apart from Sony and Sega so. I would put F-Zero at number 10 but i really hated the N64 version. I was never a fan of metroid so.

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