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Gnac said:
Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
Gnac said:

Buy Hudson Soft off Konami, since this parent company is already so clueless as to farm their IPs out to all such a trollhouse as Platinum Games.

Maybe make an offer for the rest of Tecmo-Koei's IPs too.

Hell, why not buy everything off Capcom too, while those things are still worth a few pennies.

Wrong Thread yo! lolll

But I will point you to the right direction since I am such a nice guy!


No you are wrong, and I will tell you why, because I am not a nice guy.

All the above have (had) nice relationships with Nintendo, because what other sort of gamer would bother?

Nintendo are not interested in giving me a good F-ZERO, Starfox or Unirally. These developers may provide the series that I want. Since this is a fantasy thread, I can fantasise.

  • Kororinpa
  • Bomberman
  • Star Soldier
  • Adventure Island
  • A Shadow's Tale / Lost in Shadow
  • Rainbow Islands
  • A GOOD Resident Evil
  • Some sort of "Retro" Street Fighter
  • Chaos Legion
  • Monster Hunter where you give goombas proper grief

[Edited due to complaints (all ONE of them)]

Lolll! Alright, I will let you have a pass on that but next time... Hehehe!


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