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I was wondering why people always say that the Wii U has no must have games. In  my honest opinion, i feel that the PS4 and XB1 have no must have games yet. If people decide not to get a Wii U because it has no must have games, what games would make you buy a Wii U announced or unannounced? What games would you like to see land on Wii U?

I have a Wii U and my most anticipated games are MK8 and SSB4. I also have my eye on the new Zelda and X. I am looking forward to seeing Miyamoto's new IP. (Hope its an awesome FPS!) I also want a new Metroid. I also want Nintendo to make an open-world action adventure game based on a whole new character.

Obviously some of these won't happen but it would be awesome to see those on Wii U. What would U like to see?