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1. NES
2. Wii
3. GameBoy
4. Nintendo DS
5. GameBoy Colour
7. GameBoy Advance
8. Wii U
9. Gamecube
10. N64
11. Nintendo 3DS
12. Virtual Boy

I started with the ones which are important for gaming history with their launches. The NES cured the the market. The Wii made a lot of people (casual) gamers. The GameBoy defined portable gaming and the DS introduced the touchscreen and was/is very popular.
The last one is the Virtual Boy. The whole thing was a desaster, so even the launch was. The 3DS the launch was awful. The N64's launch was so bad that a price cut wasn't far away and all the other are something between the Gamecube and the GameBoy Colour.

I don't hate Microsoft, I don't hate PC,
I don't prefer Sony, I don't prefer Nintendo.
...Ok, I love Nintendo but this is something about tolerance, ok?

I'm a gamer with one of the greatest hobbies and I want to share this greatness with everyone.