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RolStoppable said:
1. Wii
2. NES
4. N64
5. Wii U
6. GC

Wii wins because it was fresh, had Zelda and Virtual Console. NES is a close second. SNES was just an evolutionary console, but it came with Mario, F-Zero and Pilotwings while the N64 had the more impressive Super Mario 64, but not much else for a long time. Wii U had Mario, but it all felt stale. GC lacked the big launch title.

1. GB
2. GBA
3. 3DS
4. DS
5. GBC

GB has this in the bag. GBA is the satisfactory evolution. 3DS lacked the big games. DS launch was weak. GBC underwhelmed.

The Virtual Boy was a failure all around from the get-go.

While not fully hating OPs lineup, I'd agree more with Rol's line-up here solely due to SNES being a better launch than OP gives it credit for.