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cdude1034 said:
Why FF13 doesn't suck:

Because I enjoyed the hell out of it.

I'm sorry (but not really) that you don't like the style of game it is. It's just not your thing, and I understand that.

It IS my kind of game though. I love the linearity. I hate having to explore an endless sandbox full on nonsensical or relevant dialogue. I hate having to walk around for 12 hours just to find what I'm supposed to do next, instead of having it right there in front of me.

I loved the combat! It's not just the same old FF IV turn based stuff, it's a little more in depth, but not so complicated that I can't understand it. (Looking at you, Knights in the Nightmare)

The plot made sense to me. Destroying the world will force the Gods to show themselves and interact to make a new world.

It's too bad you spent so much time and effort in tearing something down, rather than doing something you actually enjoy; Like playing a video game you actually enjoy!

I do enjoy tearing down bad games, I find it cathartic and it helps me release my frustrations... it also makes me feel intellectually superior and validates my ability to critique when people get defensive and try to insult me because they can't defend the thing I'm critiquing and instead resort to trying to insult me as a person, and simply stating, "well I liked it, so there"... or words to that effect.

Good for you. You enjoyed the game. I didn't for reasons explained. I also judge it, by recognisable and explainable criteria, to be an objectively bad game. This is a reasonable judgement and unless someone can argue against my points, again already explained, a demonstrable (and indeed demonstated) fact.