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RenCutypoison said:

Why spending so much time playing and analysing a game you clearly hate ?

Games are about having fun, not expressing your hate.

Because the Final Fantasy series is one of my all time favourite series of games, particularly 7 and 8 which are my favourite video games period. This game was therefore a massive let down and was genuinely upsetting for me because the series meant so much to me, (hell, a part of me is still hoping beyond hope that FFXV won't suck the hairy balls of satan).

...so there's that and, well, ranting and expressing disappointment is cathartic. It's good to get it out and scream about something that pisses you off. Also, a part of me wants other people enraged because maybe, just maybe, there's an outside chance that Squeenix will realise that they can't make games worth a shit any more and they'll go back to what they used to do. I'm even tentatively optimistic as Bravely Default proved they're not totally hopeless.