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ganoncrotch said:
Garland said:
Xen said:
They should've just said "we're not getting enough profit from it, so fuck it".

It's most likely this than anything else, honestly. Most fighting games (especially Anime fighters like BlazBlue) don't sell on Xbox 360 compared to Playstation platforms. It's a simple fact.

You should have waited like... 2mins longer to make your post. the one above it kinda shows you to be wrong here.

Really? I don't even know where people are getting this idea that Sony's " moneyhatting" the games from. It all has to do with better relationships with publishers, publishers choices, games selling more on PS3, etc.

Where is the proof that Sony "moneyhatted" the games from? I guess that they "moneyhatted" games like Dragon's Crown & Persona 5 as well?