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yvanjean said:

Killzone release on the PS4 with its glorious next-gen graphic and polish, unfortunately it did nothing to improve the gameplay and innovate on a overused FPS formula from the Xbox360/PS3 games. It reminded gamers that have fatigue of the same COD/Battlefield formula that we actually want gameplay/experience improvement over graphical/polish. 

Titanfall might actually break the mold and deliver us with the true next-gen innovation in gameplay and refinement in what made us love FPS in the first place but more importantly gives us a fresh new take on the experience.


Microsoft is also delivering with the New XboxOne Titanfall Bundle for those gamers still on the fence.

Sure Sony could counter by offering a Infamous Second Son bundle at $399.99. But, given the choice I'd rather play Titanfall then Infamous.

Actually Killzone 3 is the first "Next Gen" experience.  It was a first person shooter with mechs and jetpacks.  Oh, and it actually had enough players...