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tanok said:

[Typical bla bla bla and spin akin to trolling and baiting...]

The difference you fail to grasp is that the PS4 doesn't struggle to run the ports. They're enhanced and run better on that platform.
Then you have the Wii U struggling to run those ports at the same quality as the HD twins, despite people like you, in denial, believing the console to be much more powerful than the PS3 and 360. 

The PS4 has no problems running ports better than on older consoles. You're making problems up where there are none. All cross-gen games perform better on the PS4. The same can't be said of the Wii U. Which struggles to match the frame rate and on most occasion, picture quality of those found in the PS3 and 360 versions.

If the Wii U was as powerful as you believe it to be, those ports wouldn't have any problem running AT LEAST as well as on the HD twins. 

pff, ia m not denying anything, to the contrary, when we say that ps4 needs more power in order to run a game at the same resolution and framerate but wii u doesnt, we are denying the obvious


do the math


xbox 360 assesins creed 4 720p30fps

ps4 900p 30fps and later 180p 30fps


ps4 7.5x more powerful than xbox 360

720p 30fps to 1080p30fps requires about 2x more power and ps4 is 7.5x and still struggle to reach the 1080p, was only 900p before the patch


so, in order to run the game at the same resolution than 360 you would require 2x more power cause even the ps4 having 7.5x more power couldnt at first do something that only required 2x more power and still cant reach 60fps when it should



beacuse is a port

and so the logic also applies to wii u

if a new system recieves a port from an older system and requires more power to run cause is a quick port, then why wii u wouldnt require more power and could do it with less?


Assassin's Creed 4 runs in 1080p on PS4. Not 900p. And it doesn't struggle to run at that resolution at all, at a locked 30fps.

You clearly have no reasonable explanation as to why the Wii U has a hard time handling cross-gen games. The games aren't emulated to run on the newest consoles. The codes are adapted for each of them. The fact is the Wii U has problems running those games with the same parameters (same resolution, same target frame rate) as those found on the PS3 and 360 versions despite being supposedly more powerful than them. While the PS4 and XBO have no problem running those games with improved visuals and performance.

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