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[Typical bla bla bla and spin akin to trolling and baiting...]

The difference you fail to grasp is that the PS4 doesn't struggle to run the ports. They're enhanced and run better on that platform.
Then you have the Wii U struggling to run those ports at the same quality as the HD twins, despite people like you, in denial, believing the console to be much more powerful than the PS3 and 360. 

The PS4 has no problems running ports better than on older consoles. You're making problems up where there are none. All cross-gen games perform better on the PS4. The same can't be said of the Wii U. Which struggles to match the frame rate and on most occasion, picture quality of those found in the PS3 and 360 versions.

If the Wii U was as powerful as you believe it to be, those ports wouldn't have any problem running AT LEAST as well as on the HD twins. 

So you know how much effort developers put into PS4/Wii U ports? 


Wait... That question work only for people who think the Wii U isn't as powerful as you believe? Do you know how much effort went into the Wii U's version of Arkham City?

Nope. You don't.


Works both way. ¬_¬


ppff, do you?

i am only telling this by the results we have from games, i dont have to be there programming with them to tell and i am not hte one who tells this, everybody out there like reportesr from digita foundaruy and others say so, is no mistry


and is not just the ports

is the gpu die size

is the external power supply efficency

is the rsults we see at monolith x game

is many things


we already leraned how ports hurt on previous generation

which games performed better and looked better in must cacses?

xbox 360 or ps3?

which version of bayonetta was better, xbox 360 or ps3?

whicjh is more powerful system?

ps3 or xbox 360

which was a ground up agme and which a port in bayoneta?

and both already had years out on the market, whcih menas developers got used to the systems and still 360 performed better despuite that ps3 is more powerful


of course that in ground up agmes is different like last of us, but wii u agmes arent grund up agmes, are ports and wii u only has 1 year on the market and few third party support and few marketshare for third party to even cosider give it a special treatment, and even launch games ports were wortking


come on, if wii u was recieving special treatment, wouldnt the zmbi u game looked better and not be criticized ny the graphics?

an its a ground up game