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Mr Khan said:

Those are some good-looking resources. Thanks for that. My Japanese is in that weird place where i'm too far up for most textbooks to really help me, but nowhere near being able to say that i speak Japanese at a level that would do any good (e.g. get me a damn job). Some more effective independent tools are needed

With the Japanes Monster Pack and Anki you will have a lot to do for years^^

I say I've been learning for years but it's more like an on-off relationship with me and learning. So I just really got into learing again for the last 6 months or so. I've beed retracking all vocab(aka resetting the anki deck) and I was really surprised how much I still knew even after a long period of doing nothing. I'm up to about 2000 cards right now which makes for some 1000 individual vocabs. Though I'm not at the point where I once was.

I guess my obsessive anime watching kept my knowledge alive.


Oh and another great tool if you use Android. Japanese-English Dictionary(JED). I use it together with anki on my phone to look up words, compare similar looking kanji and sometimes even learn new words.


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