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rolltide101x said:
mai said:

Try finding TUFS (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) workbooks for beginners on the net if you're planning more regular approach of studying it. I have good memories of them, but it was years ago (the ones I have are ancient -- and all in Japanese lol -- published in the 1990s, there must be smth newer). Since then I wasn't practicing much of Japanese -- switched to Chinse --  so can't advise any better.

//Learning alphabet is like an hour, the rest is practice. Kanji might be a bit more complicated task -- there're plenty of separate kanji courses (how to write, memorize and search them), for basics even Chinese ones will do.

Do you know what the Japanese games are in? That is what I would need to learn, or are you saying you learn something else first and the characters the games are in later.


I want to be able to read and comprehend this



and this

http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/qGzFvBjjTg4/maxresdefault.jpg (just wondering why is there so much English on there too?)





These are some common kanji for the most part, but I doubt you'd see a lot of kanji in Japanese games -- so forget about it before you're able to understand written Japanese text in kana -- if you're planning to read more than just a few inscriptions, of course.

Read some introduction in Japanese or smth so you'd understand what people are saying to you, because what I'm getting from the above posts you can't distinguish kana from kanji.