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Actually, this is areadly know, but not spreadly. At some point in a developers presentation, marky cern states that the fact that ps4 has no esram, lowered a litle the speod of processing of the CPU cores, but this is compensaded by the use of 8 GDDR3. This not change the fact that memory only affect how much data you can have at a time, but not how much data you can process.

Actually, this is the technology that takedo aways brag about when to come on the architeture of wiiu, saying that him gone for a more memory based model, than a blast processing model, saying that was the "direction" of the market.

How far the programer can go, we are yet too see. But the most benefical thing on this is that so far, the better textures can be aplied without worries.

"Hardware design isn’t about making the most powerful thing you can.
Today most hardware design is left to other companies, but when you make hardware without taking into account the needs of the eventual software developers, you end up with bloated hardware full of pointless excess. From the outset one must consider design from both a hardware and software perspective."

Gunpei Yoko