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BMaker11 said:

I saw the thread that said PS4s were in stock at Best Buy, so I figured, why not try and get one. I called up and asked if they had any in stock, and they said 3. So after I got off work, I rushed there to make sure I could secure one. When I got to Best Buy, this is the first thing I see on the automatic doors

Anyway, I went in and looked for PS4s. Didn't see any. I asked an associate if they had any, and she got another associate to go in the back and he came out with one. The first associate said to me "this was the last one. We don't keep these out on display because they 'just grow legs and walk out on there own' if you know what I mean". Meanwhile, I look up and see this:

Moral of the story: yay, I got a PS4. They don't keep them out because the demand is so high, people would steal them (at least, that's what the associate implied), while conversely, they are basically begging people to buy their XBones.

I don't care if you're one of those "anecdotal evidence means nothing" type of person. It's pretty ridiculous when I call in and there's 3 PS4s left and an hour later 2 of them are already bought and I got the last one, while there's a huge stack of XBones out in the open even though they won't even display PS4s.

Chalk it up as another entry in the "demand of each console" discussions

This is what every shop here looks like... for a couple of weeks already. no offense, just sayin how it is