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J_Allard said:
Rpruett said:

Sorry, but "unpopular genres"? lol. The games you listed.

Titanfall - FPS, most hyped game in a long time
Project Spark - Minecraft/LBP type "game creation" game. Extremely popular genre
Quantum Break - Story driven 3rd person shooter/action game. Another popular genre
Black Tusk Project - "next Halo". I highly doubt they are making a card game
Fable - RPG. Fable has been very popular and successful
Sunset - Open world shooter. Yeah, not popular at all
Halo - Never even heard of this

So again you're touting opinion as fact. Which is fine, but don't mistake it as anything other than your opinion. Especially when you're talking about "popular genres" and then listing a niche title like baseball.

Also, if we're going by history, MS releases great new IP's at the start of the gen. They did it with Xbox and the 360. I guess by your logic that confirms all these new IP's will be good. Wow what a year for Xbone. Thanks.

I said that and I quote :

"Halo and Titanfall we know what to expect.   Pretty much every other Microsoft game resides in an akward genre ( Quantum Break, Project Spark) or simply hasn't shown ANYTHING tangible or both."

Try reading better next time if you're going to go tit for tat with me.  I never said that all Microsoft games were like that.  However,  many of which you have listed we haven't even seen one screenshot in game.  Even the ones we've seen some footage of are absolutely not in popular household genres (Project Spark) or are in such an akward position in the gaming landscape, it's hard to determine where they fit in.

Titanfall - Multiplayer only game which don't really have a great track record on Console. (However, I believe this WILL be a popular game).

Project Spark -  Is not Little Big Planet.  It's not a platformer, it's a creation game.  It's more like Little Big Planet minus the entire story mode and everything else that made it a fully-fledged charming game and product.  I have no doubt it will be a 'cool' thing to mess around with but it won't be a great game.  It's like Garry's mod but for consoles.   Soon enough you'll be agreeing.

Quantum Break  - "Developed by Finnish game developer Remedy Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios, the game will feature live-action videos blended with regular gameplay. The game was revealed with a teaser trailer during the Xbox One reveal event on 21 May 2013.[1] A Quantum Break television series is also in production, with Remedy stating that "how you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs how you play the game"  

Uncharted Drakes Fortune this game is not.  It will be doing some things that while could turn out 'cool' are highly un-tested and certainly far from anything considered popular at this point.  All the signs of a pretty but colossal failure are there.  It sits more in a Heavy Rain type of category than third person action games.  

Black Tusk Game -  You don't know one ounce of anything about it but you're seriously going to hype it up?  In that case, the Naughty Dog secret project and Last Guardian blow anything released this year out of the water, right?  And if I had a million dollars for everytime I've read "Next Halo"  I'd be employing Warren Buffet to manage my money.   Halo is popular for a myriad of reasons and timing of when the game came out.   Not because it has some magic amount of love and effort put into the game.  Black Tusk can try to make the next Halo just like the 1000000's of other game developers have before them.

Fable -  This fable will be starkly different from previous installations.  I'll set aside the complete whoring of the series out at this point (Which will only further delude public interest in the product)  but In “Fable Legends”, you’re never completely alone. You can play the game single player, with a party of three heroic AI companions that follow your lead through stories and adventures. Or you can play cooperatively with up to three friends and discover the game’s quests and content together. Play whatever style you want, when you want. 

The game certainly sounds like a game trying to hard to have people like it to me.  Also consider the fact that Molyneux has departed.  You know the game directing the game from it's inception.  The games that all those people liked.

Sunset Overdrive -  I said would likely be a solid game. Combining aspects of Ratchet Clank / Resistance but have we seen even a snippet of content from it yet? Besides some pre-canned video?

Halo -  Is Halo