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selnor1983 said:
ethomaz said:

selnor1983 said:

Im not after a war. If you want genuine convo on forza vs gt. PM me.

I'm not fighting... I'm only explaining to you.

No Im not saying you are. But if we start comparing Forza with GT in here, its gonna blow up to shit. Not necessarily me and you, but others will wade on in and there goes the thread.

If genuine discussion is what you want we can do this outside this thread, or make a specific Forza 5 vs GT6 thread.

i dont understand why comparisons to FM5 are offlimits, the OP clearly posted a quote from the artical that made a comparison.

OP GT has always been one of my fav series but this gen i think they just lost touch, i spent about80hrs or so on GT5 and didnt really give GT6 a chance, judging by the sales alot of people share my opinion.Hopefully the next gen title will be up to thier standards.