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walsufnir said:

Not even stable at 720p... It is way worse than GT5 in performance. Sony really made a mistake releasing GT6 with such a performance on the old console, it would have helped PS4 even more.
Especially racers should have at least a stable frame-rate instead of variable, that's for sure.


@Ethomaz: Nice selection of paragraphs of the article...


Here are some more:

"Resolution has increased to 1440x1080 in GT6 but superior multi-sampling anti-aliasing is swapped out for a post-process alternative that is lacking in comparison."


"Comparisons with Gran Turismo 5 reveal a sequel that has added some genuinely impressive new effects - but there is a drop in frame-rate that impacts the fluidity of the driving experience."


"As it stands, performance seems to hinge on the use of four elements: dynamic lighting, the amount of cars on-screen, utilisation of the cockpit view, and weather effects."


"Adaptive tessellation has been added to GT6, but it's a struggle to see where it is utilised. In-game we see LOD 'pop' as lower poly cars are swapped in with higher detail versions as we move to overtake."



You make it sound like he cherry picked the most positive paragraphs of the article. If he did, you would've seen these in the OP:

"GT6 arrived with a wealth of new content along with numerous changes and improvements to the underlying technology - we're seeing state-of-the-art features that aren't even present in the next-gen Forza Motorsport 5."

"In either mode, texture filtering is used well enough to avoid losing significant texture detail at steep angles - unlike the competing Forza 5."

He pasted the final verdict section word for word. That's a lot more genuine than what you did. And PS4 doesn't need any help at the moment, so I don't understand what that comment is about.

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