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Somini said:
brendude13 said:
Metallicube said:

Yeah it's getting depressing. I'm very very close to leaving this site for good, or at the very least, spend about 10% of the time I usually spend here.

I joined back in 07, when the main appeal was to enjoy the epic Nintendo sales and leave comments on the sales chart pages themselves. Now that both of those appeals are gone, this site is basically just another hardcore infested e-penis hangout, with 75% "Nintendo is doomed" topics. I joined this site to leave the stupidity and fanboyism that infested gamepro.com, and now this site has essentially become gamepro.com, just with perhaps some more strict mod rules and more disguised fanboyism.

I used to come here as sort of a mindless time filler to enjoy. Now I find myself dreading coming here in a way, as I wonder how shitty the Nintendo sales are going to look this week, and how many retarded Nintendo bashing topics I am going to suffer through reading. When something that was once fun and relaxing because a chore that you dread, it's time to move on..

Please stay.

He was doing the exact same thing during the Wii days, i've been here long enough. And don't worry he won' leave he's been saying that since 2011. Oh and even if he was to go lurking he'd be back to repeat the same thing if the WiiU were to magically beat the PS4.

Thanks for helping to motivate me further, my stalker friend haha.. Challenge accepted!

This site has just become full on negativity especially towards Nintendo. But it's not just the board, it's also how the board has caused me to act, which is increasingly hostile, and that's not the way I want to be.

Maybe this will force me do spend more time doing more productive things.. One can only hope.

I actually found out I can simply reset my password and then just delete the email with the new password right off the bat so I won't be able to log in, so If the urge comes back like a bad drug addiction, I won't be able to come back. Done.. 

See ya, chartz