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DerNebel said:
So the Wii U sold better than Vgchartz expected, but the 3DS looks to be overtracked, which further shows that the 3DS has reach its peak already.

Also I think this got lost yesterday, so maybe we can talk about this now:

Can someone explain to me how they detemined that they have 12.5mil active Wii players in France in 2013???

Just Don't trust Nintendo France about all this... they often are very weird with what they announce. (here they probably calculate this by saying 100% Wii owners are active and 2players active per console LOL!)

About Wii U numbers in France:

2012: 240K shipped - 118K units sold   (confirmed by GfK / VGC almost same numbers)

First half 2013: 41K units sold (so a little bit less than 7K units a month) (Confirmed by GfK / Nintendo France CEO announcement / VGC almost same numbers) Total of 159K LTD here

After that, announcements from Phillipe Lavoue (CO-CEO Nintendo France):

As of Nov 3th - 175K units sold so 16K units from July to Nov 3th  (4K units a month)

As of Dec 31st - 300K units sold so 125K for Nov+Dec (62.5K units a month)

It is just impossible and unbelievable that both of those last announcements are true. One, if not 2 of thoses, are wrong.

Also last year they said Wii was still over x360 (in the first half of 2013) since they had the wii mini, GfK confirmed it false, X360 was selling more every month by a large margin.


Let's just wait for Financial reports (Sony,Microsoft,Nintendo) + Gfk hardware numbers in Europe/France for this !



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