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Aielyn said:
Seece said:
Console wars? wat console wars? I didn't mention the others.

You can come up with multiple scenarios for most things in life, doesn't mean you should. All the evidence is there to suggest GAME simply didn't order in a lot of stock. Deal with it.

"Console wars" doesn't just involve direct mentions of the other consoles. It also involves direct attacks on consoles that aren't your preferred ones.

Only console warriors bring in things like "Wii U is selling poorly" in a discussion about a game. And I'm sorry, but the only evidence we have regarding GAME is the fact that it's sold out. To go from there to "all the evidence" claiming they "didn't order in a lot of stock" is another example of console war attitudes. There is NO evidence of any sort. All we have is "it's in stock in retailer X" and "it's not in stock in retailer Y". This tells us NOTHING.

The fact of the matter is, you didn't provide anything specific to support the claim that GAME ordered only a small amount of stock of it, and yet you still insist that no other scenario is worthy of consideration. This makes you either ignorant, an anti-fanboy, or a troll. Take your pick. Note the difference with MikeRox's posts, where he at least provides some level of justification for his thinking that doesn't amount to "Wii U sucks".

My point on Nintendo having to take back WiiU stock from Europe is console warrior?? Er no. It's painting a very accurate picture of demand and how retailers would be approaching all things WiiU with caution.

It's not my fault you can't hack that so you auto jump to 'console warrior' BS (bannable, well done.)

That was very specific. GAME had to send WiiU stock back, they will be very cautious over ordering anything WiiU until they see a real sustainable uptick.

You just can't hack the obvious here, I never said WiiU sucks, I said it has obvious doubt in the eyes of retailers. If you can't handle it, your problem.

I suggest you go read the rules if you wanna stick around.