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An underrated game for me is that i feel not enough people played the game.

The vita library

XCOM: Enemy Unknown: Holy crap is this game addicting. Earth is under attack by aliens and you are in charge of a globally financed special military group to protect earth. Its a mix of a 3rd person, SRPG, with base management. Story might be very mediocre but its gameplay is a lot of fun.

The Blazblue series. Its a fun and flashy 2D fighting game with lots of deep, but even if you dont like fighting games this series has the best story than any other fighting game and it has an interesting world with a great lore including magic and sciences. The story is quite lengthy too with each character has their own story with multiple paths leading to multiple endings for every character. The game also has a true ending playthrough you can play after playing with all the others story. This series should at least get recognition for its story and its fun/competitive gameplay.


Bet with gooch_destroyer, he wins if FFX and FFX-2 will be at $40 each for the vita. I win if it dont

Sign up if you want to see God Eater 2 get localized!! https://www.change.org/petitions/shift-inc-bring-god-eater-2-to-north-america-2#share