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THIS IS A REPLY TO THE POST BELOW MINE, read that first and sorry. Yo, flooflexible, the market they created is a new but separate market. Your right that they need to keep launching games for these non-gamers, but I don't think making games like Wii Sports is that hard. There is also a good chance that getting some of these non-gamers to start playing will convert them into true gamers. They might get bored of games like Wii Sports and realize there are more in-depth games that are worth getting. It can be similar to playing a new rgp. Most have complex battle systems with items/stats and a bunch of other stuff that is complicated. The thing is, they don't throw everything at you all together, but start you off slowly so that you can learn the basics before mastering the more difficult stuff. Games like Wii Sports can be the basics for these non-gamers.