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I don't think there's any way for Syphon Filter to return, really.  It was always a "not quite there" 3rd person shooter with some stealth elements.  Budgets on those kind of games have ballooned to ridiculous proportions.  If Syphon Filter returned, it would either need a comparable budget to match Splinter Cell/Metal Gear Solid or go cheaper than that and look like a rubbish alternative.  Either way, I can't particularly see it happening.

My picks:

1. Ape Escape - why Japan Studio are making Knack and Puppeteer instead of Ape Escape 4 is beyond me.

2. Jak & Daxter - Sly got a second chance; Ratchet never left us; why is Jak not still here?

3. Wild ARMs - never played Legend of Dragoon so this is my JRPG pick.  Series never had one bad game; Media.Vision are still going, so bring it back!

4. WipEout - I can never have too much WipEout.

5. New IP - wouldn't want them scrambling around only playing on my nostalgia, though.  Give me new stuff.