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Salnax said:
JEMC said:
Salnax said:

P.S. Is anybody interested in me holding a "Best of Zelda" vote?

If you do that, there'll be angry discussions between fans of one or another game so... what are you waiting for ? XD

I plan on holding a vote similar in the style to the Most Wanted threads, except with just 4 votes per person instead of 5, and only for whatever categories the person wants to fill (I have a bunch planned out). That way, we can see what VGChartz generally thinks of each game, including their strong points, rather than just having Ocarina of Time's name appear a bunch.

In that case I'd suggest that once the voting is closed, pick the 3 most voted titles and do an aftermatch where people could only vote for one of those three games.

That way, people would discuss (hopefully not in an agressive way) the merits of each title but also the problems of the others trying to convince the rest to vote the same games he/she has choosen.

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