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I don't believe this weeks hardware bump was exclusively because of Dragon Quest, although it's without a doubt a huge franchise in Japan. I'm hoping it's partly because the Wii U is starting to look more desirable to Japanese customers with the bundles and increase of releases. Time will tell. Either way this trend is going to continue into 2014 due to DK (which sells a lot in Japan), Mario Kart and Smash Bros (if it's released early in the year).

Unfortunately other Japanese developers don't seem to be busy developing games for the console, but hopefully this will get better if sales flat out at a higher level than they were in 2013.

And obviously the majority of western gamers are looking for a console with the FIFAs, Maddens, CODs and GTAs. Maybe more gamers will come to their senses the coming year and realize that the Wii U is a great secondary console that complements a PS4 or an Xbox really well. As for me, the Wii U is my primary console at the moment, and will be for months (or even years) to come.