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pezus said:
kabamarutr said:
I've put around 30 hours in the game. It is great. Visually, it is improved and more impressive than GT5. Especially those stages that involve natural backgrounds. Matterhorn is absolutely gorgeous to race in. Night-time is improved as well. Many lighting effects give a more persuasive impression of night-time than on GT 5. Moon stages are quite fun and twilight is a bliss.

On gameplay terms there are some improvements that change the experience. The suspension physics work like a charm and let the player feel the weight of a car better than ever. Driving through GoodWood Hill Climb with a 750 KTM and then switching to heavy Ferrari Dino, make that obvious as never before. This addition help the driver understand the balance of the car on the most bendy curves, feel the unload when it reaches the peak and estimate how to complete a turn succesfully.

Along with some refinements in menus, post race-stats and parallel events unlocking every now and then, the game is brilliantly fun to play. It actually is fun, yes. Not the "soulless" GT we all knew. Online is as it always were.

The game's economy is also unchanged. Credits come in large amounts and seldom is the player "forced" to buy a car in-game to participate in some special events. Bonus cars are also present after every completed event or car license.

Here! I hope I've helped some people get a taste of the game.

Thanks for your review. Sounds great, as expected.

You're welcome! It's not a proper review and the full version cannot be published here :P. Anyway, the more I play the game, the more I like it. What has striken me most though is not the improved visuals, day-night cycles or physics improvements. It's way more ... gamer friendly than any GT ever was in the past. I believe Yamauchi has finally got the balance point where fun comes in equal measures with realism. Or is really close to it at least.

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