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Soundwave said:
zorg1000 said:
Interesting, they really needed to have a big 1-2 combo for the holidays. It seems like they had Mario as the big title and hoped that Wii Party/Sonic/Olympics would be strong support titles. 3D Mario+Mario Kart like 3DS had probably would have done the trick and helped Wii U out a bit more.

Maybe instead of putting everything on 2 games they should just try to create a wider overall portfolio of games. Relying on a "messiah" game is great when it works, but if it doesn't, you basically are stuck with your pants down and no other options. Which is what the Wii U is looking like right now. 

The Wii IMO taught Nintendo all sorts of poor lessons on how to build a console. No need to have third parties and really a well rounded software library with diversity because you can just rely on Mario + party games ... which is fine, until it stops working. I mean sh*t they didn't even need to market the Wii after a certain point, the word of mouth was selling it by itself. 

Nintendo got used to taking short cuts to success. 

Well technically Wii U does have a pretty diverse if u include 3rd parties and some of Nintendos smaller titles

ZombiU+Walking Dead+Resident Evil Revelations-Survival Horror

Call of Duty Black Ops 2+Ghosts-Military FPS

NSMBU+Luigi U+Sonic+3D World+Rayman-Platformers

Pikmin+Wonderful 101-Strategy

Wind Waker HD+Monster Hunter+Darksiders-Action RPG

Need For Speed+Sonic Racing-Racing

Nintendo Land+Game & Wario+Wii Party-Minigame Compilation

Tekken Tag Tournament+Injustice-Fighting

Assassins Creed 3/4+Batman Arkham+Lego City-Open World Action

Just Dance+Zumba+Wii Fit-Dance/Fitness

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