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Panicnausia said:
BeElite said:

i dont get the whines about carrer mode.

career mode in Forza4 was utter shit.  I gave up on it as its was totally meaningless, there was no accomplishemnt to it.

so what racing sim has this awesome career mode ?

Shift, Forza, Grid, Dirt all have good career modes, as do many PC sims even though they are not all sim.. All reviews and most people who played 6, the single biggest complaint is AI, sounds, no damage, career mode lacking..Carer mode in GT is dull, a long time trial against brain dead pylons.


What accomplishment is there in GT?? There is no challenge in GT at all. Heck shift despite its rubbish handling had a great varied carer mode with challenging AI. All rolling starts, chase the rabbit format is just plain bad. There is a reason Pd has rolling starts, no qualifying, you always start at the end......................The AI are just pylons.

GT is a game about driving and overtaking other cars instead of qualifying in first place and staying there all race. No mad dash to the first corner and pass 90% of the pack in the smash um up. The accomplishment comes from making a clean pass and that perfect corner.

The problem with GT is that it leaves it completely up to the user to set their challenge level in career mode. It suggests a certain pp range, but also has an upper limit that leaves you massively ahead of the competition. Maybe they could add difficulty levels with different pp limits and payouts instead of leaving it up to yourself.

Shift was fun but I didn't like the career mode very much. The AI was too agressive, so I usually ended up with a powerful car and spend the whole race up front. No fun interacting with the AI. Dirt the same, just drive out front and let the idiot AI slam into each other behind you.
If I want to battle the ai I'll play an arcade racer.

Best career mode in a driving sim is ETS2. That was very addictive.