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DanneSandin said:
UltimateUnknown said:
Yeah they do involve a lot of text. JRPGs aren't generally the pick up and you're pwning noobs kind of game. They work incredibly hard to put context around what you are doing, which inevitably leads to a lot of reading. So if you are into story telling and character development, then JRPGs are your thing. Otherwise, it might be hard to get into them.

I actually DO enjoy those things. I loved The Walking Dead game! LOVED it! I think it's my highest scoring game this gen... BUT, I don't want those things to come between me and the experience, and that's what I kinda felt happened while playing Etrian and Bravely

I think reading the text is part of the experience in JRPGs. Or at least so I feel. A lot of them take a very visual novel approach to story telling to go in depth as opposed to just telling the story amidst the gameplay. I don't think that kind of approach is for everyone, but I personally like to kick back and read or listen to a lot of dialogue between characters. It also helps if you watch anime because a lot of anime cliches tend to come up in JRPGs, which is really fun for those who appreciate them.