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It is obvious the Wii U is not selling all that hot right now. It has little to offer that the PS3 and Xbox 360 don't have already. It is set at a high price based of the value you are getting. I simply think Nintendo will not have any games that can sell more systems than Titanfall, Infamous, Halo, etc.

What should Nintendo do?? I think they should get rid of the tablet, make their system 200 dollars, bundle a game with every system, market like Xbox, establish themselves in emerging economies. Hell, I can't even find Wii U's in most US stores I go to. How do I expect Wii U units to be in poland etc.

They need a high definition zelda that has similar graphics to twilight princess. I know you guys like the cartoony, verticle style zelda games but 95% of people don't. 95% of people like twilight princess graphics. Nintendo Needs to stop catering to hardcore fans and build their system for everyone to enjoy.

Nintendo needs to answer the question "why should I upgrade from my Wii to a Wii U. All they have so far are the same games in slightly better graphics and they can't stay competitive with the new systems.