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Pemalite said:
oni-link said:

Yawn...*looks around* yups still the same old people going around and around and around the same topic!!! Anyways while you guys fight over transistors, power draw, ALU, TMU etc (I find that pretty boring now) the real gamers are gonna be enjoying this in less than 2 weeks!!!:


One thing Nintendo has *always* excelled in, IMHO is the art style. They don't need crazy Polygon counts to make something look pleasing to the eye.
With that in mind... Talk about crazy amounts of Aliasing, limited amounts of shadows and lighting and low-resolution textures! :P

Still, I genuinely hope you enjoy it in 2 weeks time!

Who cares game looks gorgeous except for the haters!!! YES I will be enjoying this game for a looooong time.  I actually will probably take a few weeks off posting to enjoy this game to it's full potential!!! Mario 3D in HD is really something to behold!!!