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Scisca said:
dsgrue3 said:

Didn't see any evidence posted, just a bunch of excuses.

If you've read about it, you'd be able to cite a study in less time than it took you to write all of those excuses.

I don't think I stated my beliefs on this topic. You and Seece love to make assumptions. I never said I drank soda either. I'm simply a person who doesn't blindly accept things on the news without investigating them. Try it some time, instead of being a typical sheep.

Comparing a country to a continent? You really would benefit from a logic course.

Neither am I and I have done my research - a long time ago, so I can't cite a particular study just like that, but the way human body works hasn't changed. In fact I can point to my mother as a source - she's a university's professor of food chemistry. She's the most credible source I can get, as I'm sure she wouldn't lie to me because she wanted better ratings or some company paid her. Happy?

If you are defending a point of view that you know is wrong then stop acting like a typical ass, who's pretending to be the smartest one around, schooling other people, while in fact just humiliating himself. Try it some time.

Europe is being compared to US on a constant basis. I'm starting to have serious doubts whether you even know what the word "logic" means.

"Mommy said so!" - hilarious stuff.

I'm not defending any point of view. I'm simply demanding evidence for a claim someone made. I don't think that's too much to ask. Especially when this particular topic is very muddy. As a skeptic, I demand evidence. I guess you're a faith person. Illogical, but explains quite a bit about your responses.

I'm not pretending anything, I often am the smartest one around. But I don't appeal to myself as an authority on topics I'm not like you seem to do...

That was one of the poorest attempts at defending an invalid analogy I've ever read in my entire life. I think you've become very unsettled at this point and should get some rest.