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Goodness gracious, what a week.  Shame I wasn't around to share my thoughts within the first 100 replies, for my favourite thread every week :'(.  Here they are anyway:

- Pokemans is the main thing this week.  Of course, I will start out by saying: extremely good numbers.  But I was kinda expecting a little more, based off COMG rankings & pre-order numbers.  Media Create only tracked an extra ~250k sales on top of the pre-orders?  Seems off.

- GTA 5 extremely nice.  Pretty much in-line with the COMG weekly.  Western games in Japan (which aren't Call of Duty) live!

- Danganronpa beat my expectations for it by about 20k, very pleasing indeed.  I think Spike Chunsoft should be very pleased with those figures too; guess it helped them a lot to be releasing the same week as a remodel.

- Tales of Symphonia, however, doesn't seem too great.  I suppose it's in-line with a HD remake in a series with Tales' popularity in Japan, but still - could be higher.

- Soccer Manager - I had no idea what to expect from this.  Seems in line with what COMG were predicting.  Bit overshipped if Famitsu is anything to go by, though.

- Fairy Fencer F - was honestly expecting a bit more from this.  With that said, Famitsu is reporting it close to sold out, and figures of this amount - even if not impressive in the grand scheme of things - should be very good for Compile Heart, so that's good.

- I wonder what gave Legend of Heroes Vita better legs this week than the PS3 version.  New model actually helping keep that game in the charts?


Onto hardware: 3DS doing absolutely great, as expected.  Vita, however, beat my expectations by about 3x.  Anyone who'd seen me around previous Media Creates or COMG threads would know that I wasn't expecting another 60k+ week.  Maybe just my own pessimism, but threads like this didn't help either.  I remember seeing a post on GAF saying that "the bar" for Vita should be PSP Go's FW, which iirc was about 28k.  I was kinda expecting something even lower than that, so I'm very very pleased with these numbers.  It won't last; but I'm still pleased with them.  Incidentally, why isn't Media Create tracking the models separately like it does with the 3DS models?

On the other end of the spectrum, Wii-U.  Deary me.  I know people are waiting for the new bundles, but could we potentially see a sub-3k week before they come out?