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But I want to know what Xbox One games will really start to feature the shift over. Since its native to Xbox One hardware.

Thats really what this thread is about.

Care to explain that?

Anyway... nothing in your OP is exclusive to Xbone or DirectX.



AMD had these features since the first GCN video card.

Ehh if I were you I'd leave him alone since he wouldn't bring up any meaningful evidence to the table while also not being able to explain it himself. 

Its not been implemented on a hardware level before.

The 4 Data move engines on Xbox One GPU can tile and untile natively. This helps the partial resident texturing. Along with DX 11.2 implementation.

If Voxel Cone Ray racing is used on the PS4 it has to be solely software implemented. Unless Sony is hiding something.

 Microsoft wen to alot of detail in their Direct X conference this year about this. Developers hve echoed that Xbox One is faster for ray tracing implementation. Granted not full per pixel ray tracing. But Voxel Ray tracing is possile. And yes it is real ray tracing. But a voxel is a cluste of pixels rather than every pixel. So it is less intensive, but still much better than how we do a scene today in say Halo 4 or UNcharted 3.

AMD and Nvidia are currently building PC GPUs that have dedicated co processors for tiling and untiling partial residential texturing. Thats the key.

Octree would be impossile on Xbox One.