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People just calm down, is just a little more than a month we are going to have our next gen consoles on our sweaty hands :P.

and this is a message for only console gamers that don't have the opportunity of a high end gaming rigs:

"For you people xbox one owners and PS4 owners(including me) you are in for a spectacular experience in gaming, right now all of you only console gamers have experience all of your favorite franchises in a very low resolutions, once you get your hands on this next consoles and start experiencing in full HD you will be blown away, I can guarantee you that, but there's a small warning to all of you, once you experience all this games in HD you won't be able to go back to lower resolution your eyes will get use to a clean image and so once you see a lower resolution you will notice it right away and probably you won't be very comfortable with those visuals, PC gamers(including me) are use to full HD gaming and very clean visuals and this has been years for us, but not for console only gamers, so I finally can say to you welcome to full HD console gamer peasants"