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Cj2i3 said:
bugrimmar said:
Cj2i3 said:
To get a Xbox One>>>>Drop the Kinect and or price 50-100$.
To get a PS4>>>>Announce one more legitimate quality game(ex: infamous, Killzone, the order).
Wii U>>>>Get better third party support and somehow get Halo, Uncharted, Gears of War, and Gran Turismo on it OR drop the price 200$ by getting rid of leapster leappad or drop price 100$.
Ouya>>>>Once is stops being so amazing I'll buy one.

that means you're never buying a wii u then :)

You don't think it will drop 100-200$ in the next 3-5 years? I kind of actually want one, but part of me just doesn't value that price point it's at. I want it for split-screen fun with my younger cousins so I need 4 Wii controllers/pro controllers=150+dollars and comes out to like 500$(Tax included in the end).

Well, your first condition is impossible because those games are first / second party, and they require far more power. Your second condition would mean that Nintendo would rather discontinue the thing because their balance sheets would be bleeding red.

So no, you're never buying one :)