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Sure, Ill go find the shareholders meeting transcript for you.

These guys say a lot of things, If you compile the factual information from everyone in the industry it gives you a pretty clear outlook on where they are at the moment ( Sony,MS,Nintendo,Phones,PC,Valve,ect) and where they might head if events play out in certain manner ( I have 4-5 scenarious bouncing in my head right now)

Especially when you take a look at the facts that JL has compiled together

Although most of them need more modification than the way he's using them to back up his viewpont

Amazon could make a difference but I have a feeling microconsoles may not have any lasting growth.

I dont like Virtual reality, but I think it might be something Microsoft may use to sell people on Kinect.

Pikmin 3 helped keep sales above 10k for 5 weeks in japan, before the Vita had a bump.  US had a minor bump.

Then Jojo came out the following week, two weeks later everyone was simply "screw Jojo"


The way I see it, their is no point to being a fanboy, if Nintendo is truly the vanguard of the industry, they will prove it with time despite their mistakes and get the respect they "deserve".  They dont need me white knighting or defending them on message boards. Wont do anything for me or them. NIntendo's success is always on them and what it is they do, nobody else, when they've done everything they can and played all their cards, they'll be fine. They cant manage their resources improperly from this point on either. They need momentum and they're getting serious, Iwata's boldness is telling me this, he tied his salary to the success of Nintendo after all, and he did cut his paycheck 50% in the 3DS nacent state. He's committed.  The way most people argue over this stuff its clear that they dont have all the facts

Same goes for Sony and MS



@Seece,  I suspect JL isnt answering you because the WiiU in his words will "mirror" the 3DS. As you can see the 3DS, is able to approach DS numbers because its doing very well in Japan and quite a bit lower everywhere else

The most important territory for the WiiU is  Japan despites the better numbers in the US. Nintendo also keeps undershipping things hindering their retail presence in smaller places, thats no good. (It seems very sporadic, like the mall/bestbuy/gamestop has great allocation in my area but its pure crap in the next city over)